a free man of color, named

Greenfield Community College One College Drive, Greenfield, MA, United States

GCC professor of history Alyssa Arnell presents this year's Dovi Afesi Lecture. In 1865 Pierre Fazende, a free man of color, parceled off seven acres of land situated downriver of New Orleans in the neighboring St. Bernard Parish. He sold these parcels to those newly freed and other people of color. Their land was located on what was once the final battle of the War of 1812. Here, Andrew Jackson led a diverse army to victory against the invading British. The success became known as "The Battle of New Orleans" and the victory propelled Jackson onto the national political scene. For almost a hundred years, the community of Fazendeville thrived as a community that collectively displayed strong political and financial power. At its height, Fazendeville boasted over 100 families, two grocery stores, churches, a school and benevolent societies. Then in October of 1962, Congress passed a resolution creating a commission to organize a celebration for the 150th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. This law gave the Secretary of the Interior the authority to remove Fazendeville in order to establish a military park and the justification given was so "that our citizens may gain a deeper appreciation of the…