Eat & Drink

Everyone has to eat, everyone has to drink; why not enjoy yourself while doing it? From vegetables straight from the ground, to elegant gourmet fare, with everything in-between, Greenfield provides gustatorial delights no matter what your pleasure. From cold brew coffee to a steaming espresso to a regular old cuppa joe, from a Narragansett to a flavorful brew from right here in Greenfield, you can quench your thirst while working on your laptop or out on the town with friends. From burgers to lobster, fries to frites, Greenfield has it all!

Create on the Common Series
Wed, May 18
Court Square

Karaoke Night at Hawks and Reed - FREE!
Wed, May 18
Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center | 289 Main St.

LAVA Gallery Cafe
Thu, May 19
The LAVA Center, 324 Main St.

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