Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night

Court Square Court Square, Greenfield, MA, United States

Unsilent Night is an original musical composition by Phil Kline, written specifically to be heard outdoors in the month of December. It takes the form of a street promenade in which the audience becomes the performer. Each participant brings a bluetooth speaker or boombox, downloads one of four tracks of music, and we all press “play” at the same moment. The fact that the participants play different parts simultaneously helps create the special sound of the piece. We then walk a carefully chosen route through the town, creating a unique mobile sound sculpture which is different from every listener's perspective. Meet at Court Square in Greenfield at 6pm sharp on Sunday December 17, 2023. Don't arrive late, you have to be there to press "play" with everyone else! Bring something to amplify music, like a bluetooth speaker connected to your phone or MP3 player, or a portable boombox. (You can use your phone’s built-in speaker in a pinch, but we highly recommend you bring something that is capable of a bit more volume!) You’ll need to download one of the four tracks (pick one at random!) before 6pm. More details on how to participate here: Download one of the…