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New Monuments/ Lemuel Marc/ Owen Manure/ Bryon Coley/ DJ Rec


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New Monuments is touring in support of “Language is the Skin” the fourth full length release by the group which is co-led by Don Dietrich (Borbetomagus) and Ben Hall (Graveyards/Bill Dixon). Hall and Dietrich continue applying pressure to the structure of the relationship between saxophone and percussion. “Language” branches out to include totally new forms, line-ups, and instrumentation. New to the band, replacing C. Spencer Yeh, are Don’s 25 year-old shredder daughter Camille adding ‘cello, big Stockhausian refrigerator drags (the apple don’t fall far from…) as well as Atlanta free music sorcerer Tony Gordon on electric bass bringing that Jamaaladeen as inhabited by broken A.I. Hall, for his part, restructures the rhythm away from any post-Lifetime power trio mechanics using concert percussion, MPC, and bits of concrète. While Borbeto has played less, Don has not stopped bringing more rigor and increasing complexity to his sound producing a density that is absolutely feral and totally obsessed/enthralled with its own forward momentum. Together, the band has thoroughly escaped its own captivity and sideways reliance on idiom — and in doing so, has become a genre unto itself.

Byron Coley (Words)
Byron Coley was born in Manhattan in 1956 and currently lives on an old farm in Western Massachusetts with his wife, the inventor Lili Dwight. He has written extensively about underground culture since the mid-70s. Known most prominently for his work for Forced Exposure in the 1980s, he has been resident editor at NY Rocker, managing editor Take It!, underground editor Spin, ghost editor Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal, etc. He has been a columnist for the L.A. Weekly, Arthur, Spin, le Bathyscaphe, Harp, and so on. He co-wrote No-Wave with Thurston Moore (2008). He has written liner notes for hundreds of records, spewed for more zines than anyone could ever remember, and contributed to various anthologies. He currently writes for The Wire, codirects the label Feeding Tube Records, and publishes Bull Tongue Review, a quarterly journal of post-rock cultural pluralism. Historical straight jobs include dishwasher, snowmaker, Teamster, carpenter, line cook, janitor, doorman, panhandler, and drug tester. Byron Coley’s previous book for L’Oie de Cravan was the collection of his articles, C’est La Guerre: Early Writings 1978-1983

DJ Rec
Which habits help or hinder your creativity?

“Pray. Meditate. Listen to music every day. Read. Train. Love heavy & laugh as often as I can. I would say this is about what keeps my creative tank full.”

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Date & Time: November 12, 2022 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
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Event Cost: $10 – $20
Event Website: Event Website

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Venue Name: 10 Forward
10 Fiske Ave
Greenfield, MA United States