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Frank Hurricane / Omeed Goodarzi / Beets Blog


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Frank Hurricane / Omeed Goodarzi / Beets Blog! $10-20 Sliding scale, All Ages! 6pm start, 5:30 Doors. Masks always appreciated! We are dow

Frank Hurricane

“Mystical songs and stories interweaving with holy guitar strumming and fingerpicking take you on a journey thru the mountains, cities, and plains of the spiritual world”

Listen here.

“The positivity that spins throughout Life is Spiritual oozes an off-kilter charm . . . Honestly, some of the most open-hearted songwriting I’ve heard in a long time.” – NPR Music

“So where, exactly, are we giong with this? It’s a question you can’t shake from your mind when you first listen to Frank Hurricane’s hazy Appalachian folk album Life is Spiritual. As you attempt to decipher his off-kilter musings, it eventually becomes clear – you just have to let go. This isn’t a maddening situation, but rather freeing, actually, as you ride shotgun with Hurricane through his whimsical psychedelic trip. And at times, that can get pretty strange man.” – Washington Post

“Frank’s a seer and a singer, a poet laureate of the rusted underbelly of America, rust I often found myself scratched on growing up. He finds transcendence in the asphalt of Tennessee’s most scorched country – giving a reverent Americana profundity to PCP warnings, haunted devil towns, pimpin’, Shrympin (sic), and yeah lonely Juggalos at the local Burger King.” – Raven Sings the Blues

Omeed Goodarzi

Omeed is a “quasenflaugen” (auftenchoirboi) living and working quite well within the predominate symbolic order of his time which renders him legible to his subterranean clique as not only part of their established history , but also part of its imagined future. In the real reality he is a gingerbread man and rides a big red truck, gardens on a hot day and wipes the sweat off his brow, the wind whips at his candy t shirt as a beam of light emits from his eyes- “I think he can control the weather with his philosophy brain” you think to yourself. Omeed then says out loud “ can I control the weather or only how you perceive the weather ?” This question truly stuns you because although you’ve thought of this exact type of stuff before at summer camp but you’ve never gotten mind reading in the mix. Omeed can also do that thing where every hair stand up on its follicle and you can learn to discriminate between different atoms in the room. This is the kinda stuff you can expect from omeed, cus actually deep down he’s a really good kid.”


Soft fantasy music sourced from love and curiosity.

$10-20 Sliding scale, All Ages!

6pm start, 5:30 Doors.

Masks always appreciated! We are down the stairs! Elevator access next to Mesa Verde.

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Date & Time: April 2, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Venue Name: 10 Fiske Ave
10 Fiske Avenue
Greenfield, MA 01301 United States