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Electric Flower Ball


About This Event

ELECTRIC FLOWER BALL featuring Pleasure Coffin, OrangePeelMystic, Agua Viva, and Nurse Joy! Experimental! Ethereal! Electronic!

Celebrating the coming of Spring, the performers are encouraging goth (for winter) and fairy (for spring) costumes! The night will be a fun electronic/noise/punk/experimental/ethereal dance event!

Pleasure Coffin:

coming soon


Some have described the sound as “extraterrestrial”, “Psyche pop electronica with a side order of hotness and other worldly glow”, “Experimental Noise-Trace”, “Electronic Psychedelia”, “synth-pop”, “Experimental and aesthetically pleasing”, and finally “Experimental Electronic Pop”… well if you need a genre, put that through a juicer and you get OrangepeelMystic.

It all started when a music duo Formed in January 2013. Featuring E.beet.z on drums and orangepeelmystic on keys and vocals.

“I usually compose songs organically starting with a beat, or directly from dreams. There was always a keyboard or piano around growing up, but I didn’t start really getting serious until I bought a sp555 sampler in 2012. I first created very experimental music with E.beet.z as captured in ORANGEPEELPROJECT (2013) and later the robocalypse (2014) noise ALBUM. Then independently made ambient music as captured in the albums orangepeelmystic (2014) and RAINBOWS IN THE MOONLIGHT (2017).

THINGS started getting more serious with craziest lover (2018) as e.beet.z and I went totally electronic. Now we are back to the beginning with e.beet.z on acoustic drums and I on keys. I started singing in 2018 b/c cooper handy told me I should. I’m really thankful for that. E.Beet.z has been playing the drums since a very young age. I’m really thankful to be playing with him all these years, he is truly the first to support and inspire me as a music maker.” – opm

Agua Viva:

coming soon

Nurse Joy:

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Event Details

Date & Time: March 18, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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Event Venue

Venue Name: 10 Fiske Ave
10 Fiske Avenue
Greenfield, MA 01301 United States