Fish Discover Water Last Book Reading

Fish Discover Water Last Book Reading

Thursday, December 2, 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm
The LAVA Center, 324 Main St.

Announcing the second in-person presentation of the newly published work: “Fish Discover Water Last: Richard L. Grossman on corporations, democracy and us”

Richard Grossman (1943-2011) was an early and expert researcher, organizer and lecturer-writer on the growth and powers of corporations, citizen movements and more. He likened the experience of fish in water to that of Americans going about their daily lives without awareness of the corporate power and culture that permeate our society and government.

The book is a condensation of years of Richard Grossman’s talks, compiled and edited by Anna Gyorgy, and published by Paul Richmond of Human Error Press. Both Wendell residents, their recent ‘launch’ of the new book benefited the Friends of the Wendell Free Library. Now the team looks forward to presenting the book in Greenfield, with sales benefiting the LAVA Center and Traprock Center for Peace & Justice, where Anna is a board member and communications coordinator.

The book will be available for $15 each, $25 for 2, $50 for 5. The perfect gift for 2022!

For more information see the LAVA Center website and Facebook

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