Franklin County Rivers Cleanup

Photo of volunteers at Green River Cleanup

Saturday, September 25, 9:00 am until 5:00 pm
Green River Recreation and Swim Area, Nash's Mill Rd.

The Green River Cleanup has been renamed as the Franklin County Rivers Cleanup and greatly expanded to include other river systems within Franklin County!

The Franklin County Rivers Cleanup will be held September 25, 2021, in conjunction with the Source to Sea Cleanup. Groups are encouraged to organize the cleanup of their own local rivers within Franklin County on this date.

Breakfast, lunch, and music are provided for cleanup volunteers! Pants, boots, cleanup tools, come-alongs, and trucks are needed!

To donate, volunteer, report a site needing cleanup, or to find out more information, call 772-2020, ext. 211 or see the Deerfield River Watershed Association website

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