Juggling Goose Farm

450 Colrain Road

Kathryn Chang : 413-773-7098

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We are a small Western Massachusetts farmstead focused on sustainable practices and providing the best conditions for our animals and land.

- Juggling Goose Farm -

A small Western Massachusetts farmstead focused on sustainable practices and providing the best conditions for our animals and land.  We are committed to ethically raising animals by prioritizing their needs over the convenience of the farm.  Sometimes it's slower, harder, and more expensive, but we believe it is always worth it.  

Small batch.  Free-range.  


Never any pesticides or hormones.  

We hope to contribute to our community by providing a source of healthy and happy food, being an educational resource, and hosting events that promote our ideals and cultivate community-focused collaborations.

- Kat -

Kat is the owner and farmer at Juggling Goose Farm.  Shifting from a biology to psychology major during college, she is fascinated by animal behavior and bio-bases of behavior.  Following this curiosity, she went on to work in several animal laboratories caring for hundreds of animals and performing field work for projects focused on studying various aspects of behavior.  Drawing from this experience, she brings a detail-oriented perspective to all farm operations and works to maintain our high standards of animal care.  

Ever since her grandmother taught her to knit, Kat has carried a passion for fiber and handmade crafts throughout her life in many iterations, most recently learning to spin and adding angora rabbits to the farm.  She looks forward to our planned expansion of fiber animals, including goats and sheep, and hosting crafting community events and classes.

Create on the Common Series
Wed, May 18
Court Square

Karaoke Night at Hawks and Reed - FREE!
Wed, May 18
Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center | 289 Main St.

LAVA Gallery Cafe
Thu, May 19
The LAVA Center, 324 Main St.

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