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One Stop Destination for Nepalese and Indian Food. Namaste is opening its doors to give customers a unique homely taste.

Namaste means the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you, the God in me respects the God in you, the human being in me respects the human being in you. I honor the light, love, beauty, truth and kindness in you because it is also in me. By sharing Namaste, we remove the distance between us, have no differences between us, share mutual respect with humility as one. We are the same and we are one.

Namaste Restaurant has been established with a mind to create a connection , remove doubts ,provide great taste and service and bring receipes from our mother’s kitchen to your plates.

Namaste is a warm and welcoming restaurant, we also specialize in Indian food, North Indian tandoori dishes and Nepalese food. We provide specially cooked vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, specially made for our customers. We use high quality of Indian and Nepalese spices which is then carefully infused by our chef to give a distinctive taste to the foods . Namaste is opening its doors  to give customers a unique homely taste , a quality service and a  great dining experience.

Namaste” is a word that so pure, soulful and divinely . We as a team will work hard to bring fresh food everyday. We do not be use any food colors , MSG or any kinds of food preservatives.

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